Distinctive traditional cuisine of Herzegovina, family atmosphere and homely flavours have positioned Hajdučke Vrleti restaurant at the very top of regional gastronomy.  Our chefs only work with fresh seasonal ingredients, of which they make contemporary dishes with a taste of tradition. Therefore, every visit to the Hajdučki Vrleti is a true gastronomic trip.


Homely flavours, true Haiduk dishes and Herzegovina on a plate!

In the Hajdučke Vrleti restaurant, among other things, you can try polenta specially made from real corn flour, which is traditionally grind, Herzegovina donuts, homemade eco cheeses, meat raised in the pastures of the Blidinje Nature Park, locally-grown vegetables, and traditional dishes baked in the sach oven. In short, you have the opportunity to taste true Haiduk dishes and get to know Herzegovina on a plate.

Always fresh, always homemade, always a gastronomic experience!

We offer a seasonal menu, depending on what nature offers in a given season. You will find the best of Herzegovina on our food & drinks offer. We strive to always add something new and interesting, listening to the wishes and needs of our guests, but at the same time staying faithful to the food that we have grown up with. Carefully chosen ingredients, a great love for cooking, the family atmosphere of the restaurant itself, and our kind staff are the recipe for an experience beyond ordinary and long-lasting memories you will take with you.


Homemade, traditional dishes in an mountain atmosphere


We offer a seasonal menu, depending on what nature offers in a given season. You will find the best of nature and Herzegovina on our food & drinks offer.
Carefully chosen ingredients, a great love for cooking, the family atmosphere of the restaurant itself, and our kind staff are the recipe for an experience beyond ordinary and ling- lasting memories you will take with you.

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  1. It is the restaurant’s policy to clean the table before seating new guests (if the table was occupied). Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.
  2. If your online booking request is approved, a tolerable delay is 10 minutes. After that, the explicit right to make a reservation is no longer valid, and unless the volume of work in the restaurant allows otherwise, the right of reservation is ceded to the guest who is the first on the waiting list. The delayed guest who has made the reservation is then entered on the waiting list as the first on the list, and if he/she fails to appear within the next 15 minutes from the moment of registration on the waiting list, the reservation will be considered void.
  3. Reserved tables will be available 5 minutes before your reservation time.
  4. During off-peak hours the expected food waiting time is minimum 30 minutes, while in times of very large crowds, the expected time is longer depending on the type of order, and your waiter will let you know and give an explanation.
  5. Dishes that can be ordered as half portion are charged 70% of the total price of full portion.
  6. Side dished cannot be ordered as half portion.
  7. Side dishes can only be changed for French fries, boiled potatoes or white rice. Other side dishes can be ordered additionally as a full portion.
  8. The takeaway food can only be ordered by telephone, via the official number +387 63 304 603. The expected time for preparing takeaway food depends on the type of order and the current volume of work in the restaurant. We shall not be liable if your order is taking longer than expected.


We primarily accept individual table reservations (up to 12 people) through our online form at After receiving the request for an individual reservation, we will respond to the inquiry within 6 hours of receiving it. By completing the mentioned form, you give consent for us to use your personal data for promotional purposes.
The restaurant is open for groups (13+ people) with prior notification of arrival. We primarily receive group reservations through the form on our website. If we receive an inquiry via e-mail, call, sms, or message on social networks, we will redirekt the interested to the online form:
Submitting a reservation request does not guarantee a reserved spot. It is necessary to check for aviablility for the requested place, and if available, a conformation email will be sent to you regarding the possibility of making the reservation.


Table reservations for a specific event are taken from the moment the event is announced on the official website, until the moment the official seating capacity is reached. If all places are filled at the time of your inquiry, with your consent, we will add you to the waiting list with your previously provided personal information, contact phone number, and the total number of people for whom you would like to reserve a table. The person responsabile for reservations will contact you if a sufficient number of places become available for us to accommodate your reservation.
The „Tepsija ispod sača“ dish needs to be ordered at least 3 hours in advance, while „Blidinjske pole“ and homemade pie „Izljevača“ require a 1-hour advance order. These dishes cann be ordered in portions for a minimum of three people. Accordingly, a table is automaticly reserved, with the number of people corresponding to the ordered dish, unless otherweise requested.
If you decide to add an additional individual order later, the delivery speed of the specified food will depend on the type of order and the current workload in the restaurant. We disclaim responsibility for any potential waiting time. Daily capacities for the listed dishes are limited.

  • For any information, please contact us at the following number:
    + 387 63/ 304 – 603
    or to our official email:


Our menu is quite standard, although there may be minor changes. This is the latest menu.