Become a citizen of the Haiduk Republic!

How to become a citizen?

You can become a citizen in two ways. One way is to fill in the online form, and the other is to fill in an application on the spot, in the Republic capitol.

The passport costs BAM 120 VAT included.
Delivery is not included in the price, and is paid additionally, depending on the delivery address.

Putovnica Hajducke Republike
Rights of the citizens holding a passport, not charged additionally:
  • One overnight stay for 1 person free of charge *
  • Copy of the Constitution
  • Illustrated diary
  • Calendar
  • Mug with the Haiduk Republic illustration
  • Two unique postcards for two seasons
  • Haiduk Republic scarf
  • Key ring

*Overnight stay must be announced, to check whether there are rooms available for the desired date.

Passports take 3 working days to be made, religious holidays, weekends and national holidays excluded. The passport can be picked up personally at the Hajdučke Vrleti FREE OF CHARGE.

Why cannot passport photographs show a smiling person?

Have you ever wondered why you always have to look serious on your passport photograph? Why you can’t have a big grin? Why the authorities don’t allow you to show your joy?

Well, that is allowed by different Republics and different authorities, democratic ones, because the Ruler decides instead of the people. The people only need to concern themselves with having a good time.

Duties of passport holders:
  1. The passport is the proof of identity and the Haiduk Republic citizenship.
  2. When travelling abroad, the holder must carry the passport with a faithful image of the person, and promote the values of the Republic across the world.
  3. Pursuant to Article 21 of the Constitution, a citizen has the duty to report without delay any political position in the Balkan countries.
  4. Any citizen is allowed to build illegally within the borders defined in Article 2 of the Constitution, with the Ruler’s consent.
  5. Any citizen holding the passport does not have to be educated, but must have a certificate of completion of some school, and must submit it for inspection 365 days from the day of receiving the passport at the latest.
  6. With the exception of an official mistress/lover, a citizen must not give his/her passport to anyone else to use, particularly a spouse.
  7. A citizen undertakes to respond, pursuant to Article 5 of the Constitution, to the call of the elite Haiduk Guard should the legal order of the Republic be under threat.
  8. A citizen acknowledges, pursuant to Article 15 of the Constitution, that in the Republic, sexes are not equal, but they are different.
  9. A citizen who is not married must report his/her status to the Ministry of Bachelors, and acquiesce to a date organised by the Ruler at the Hajdučke Vrleti.
  10. A citizen must preserve the environment across the globe, and undertakes to visit the Mijat Tomić cave and honour this great figure at least once a year, pursuant to Article 13 of the Constitution.

You can read more about the ways and prices for taking over your passport, and find advice to get as credible passport as possible at the bottom of the page.

Fill this Form and become our Citizen!

How to fill the Form explanation.

    Ways of taking over the passport

    The passport can be picked up 3 working days after applying for it FREE OF CHARGE if picked up personally at the Hajdučke Vrleti. Any delivery of a passport is charged.

    Delivery within BiH costs additional BAM 8 (€ 4), and if you make your payment between Monday and Thursday, you will have your passport delivered to your address within 48 hours maximum, unless this period includes a holiday, weekend or non-working days.

    Delivery to Croatia, Montenegro and Serbia costs BAM 15 (€ 7.5).

    Price of delivery to other countries is established subsequently, in communication with the person who ordered it, depending on the destination, and is covered by that person.