Every second Saturday in November, with plenty of fun and laughter, there is a special program at the hotel- restaurant HajdučkeVrleti- a lying contest for honest people. The best liars compete for valuable haiduk prizes with abundant raffle and a convenient entertaining program with tambourines.

Below is the announcement of the first “Lie andStay Alive”contest that was held back in 2003:

“The Haiduk Republic of Mijat Tomić announces to its people that the first lying contest of honest people called “Lie and Stay Alive” is to be held on 8 November 2003”.

All honest people and genuine followers of truth who timely apply to the Haiduk Republic of Mijat Tomić, in person or by telephone, are eligible to participate.

Contest rules:

  1. No early start shall be accepted.
  2. All lies must be true, and the jury composed of highly qualified members shall decide the ranking of contestants.
  3. The top 10 truths will be awarded appropriate haiduk prizes.
  4. All contestants may have two performances each.
  5. Politicians are forbidden to participate because they are professionals in lying, and this contest is for amateurs only.

The contest will be held at the Hajdučke Vrleti, in the Republic, starting at 8.30pm.

The contest has since been traditionally held every year, and it is always every second Saturday in November. As part of this event, an abundant raffle is traditionally held, as well as a convenient program with tambourines. There has always been a great interest among the public and the guests, so the contest itself has become extremely popular and Vrleti too small to receive all those interested for the event. The number of participants is almost always about 20 people who apply on the spot. The jury consists of 6 to 10 carefully selected members, assembled in the Liars Council. The first three places are awarded, while other contestants are given goblets and traditional abundant haiduk prizes.

An abundance of fun and laughter, eventful entertainment program with tambourines and raffles with valuable prizes make this unique contest in the world.

Check out the event visuals of “Lie and Stay Alive” event in real time