Accommodation Reservation Confirmation

Dear guest, you have reached the last stage to successfully confirm your booking.

In order to confirm your booking request, you must pay 30% of the total sum for your stay.

After payment, you will receive an email notification from our Reservation Department as soon as possible regarding the receipt of funds and confirmation of your reservation. By paying the reservation confirmation, the guest fully accepts the program and the conditions of accommodation provided here. In the Terms and Conditions for Reservation of Accommodation, you can read the cancellation terms and conditions, general business terms and conditions, conversion statements and confidentiality statements. Read more:


After selecting the desired overnight category, click Add to Chart and select the number of nights in Quantity. If you want to confirm the reservation for an additional number of persons or rooms, click in the upper right corner of Continue shopping, and select the additional accommodation arrangement that you want to add to your selection, and select the desired number of nights.

PAY Confirmation of the Booking

PAYMENT: If you want to pay by Pay Pal click on the yellow box Check out with Pay Pal, if you choose to pay by debit / credit card, click on the grey box Check out pay with card, where you can choose among the following cards: Visa, American Express, Mastercard or Discover card.